Mendy Schuster

for Susanville City Council 2022



Hometown Born & Raised

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I was appointed to Susanville's City Council in April 2017, I was elected by the people in June 2018 and became Mayor in March 2020. It has been an honor to serve my hometown and its citizens. I am humbled by the privilege.


I was born and raised in Susanville. I attended Roosevelt, McKinley, and Diamond View Schools before graduating from Lassen High School and attending Lassen College. I value our local schools and have involved myself with them by participating in events like McKinley School's 2nd grade government day and introducing the idea to city council to honor our valedictorian and salutatorian at Lassen High School each year. 


My family has owned the small business, Jackson's Service Center, on Main Street for almost 50 years.  I know how hard it is to run a small business and believe that supporting young businesses is the key to employment growth. Our small businesses are the heart of Susanville and I do all I can to support them.


At the age of 18, I was diagnosed with cancer. During my battle, the prayers and support from the Susanville community were overwhelming. I am forever grateful. Because of this battle, I know how important our medical services are and the importance of our community coming together to help each other... especially when one of us becomes ill. 


My husband retired after working at California Correctional Center (CCC) for over 31 years. CCC has been good to many families in our community. The announced proposed closure of CCC would cause a loss of approximately 800 jobs in our community, cripple our economy and affect many of our friends and families. I have agreed to many interviews regarding this proposed closure, spoke at the state capitol to oppose it and have been meeting with stakeholders for months. I will not give up!


Prior to my retirement, I worked at Lassen College and Lassen High School. I am the Chairperson of Honey Lake Valley Recreation Authority (our local pool), Vice Chairperson of the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo), Vice Chairperson of Lassen County Transportation Commission and I am Susanville's representative for League of California Cities. Serving on a variety of city/county committees has given me insight into the many prongs of being a public servant. 


I also served on the ad hoc committee for our pool where we began meeting with members of the public so they could set up a 2022 schedule conducive to public needs. I asked that we explore the idea of staying open for a longer season so both our local swim team and high school team could use the facility. Enjoy our extended 2022 season. Good luck to both the Lassen Volcanoes and Lassen High School Grizzlies swim teams.


As mayor, I have led our community during Covid, catastrophic wildfires, and the proposed closure of California Correctional Center. These horrible things have made my term as mayor different than I imagined. I have spent many hours in meetings regarding these matters. In 2020, I realized our children were not going to get our annual Safe and Sane Halloween due to Covid restrictions and recommended the city of Susanville hold an event for them. It was rewarding to see them enjoying their Halloween at Memorial Park. Also, I pushed to get our golf course open in 2020 so our citizens had an outdoor activity to do.


I have the desire and time to continue serving on Susanville City Council. I am not enrolled in the City of Susanville's health benefits package, my reason for wanting to remain on the City Council is not to help myself but rather to help our community.


I value strength in leadership, fiscal responsibility, and transparency. The protection of our citizens, preserving the integrity of our neighborhoods, and Susanville's successful future are my priorities.